Surprising Lessons on 100 Days of Rejection

Who has ever been rejected? Have you ever put so much into a project, paper, job, hobbies, family, friends etc and have the door slammed into your face? Or maybe, you had a dream that never came to fruition. In any case being ‘rejected’ however it manifests into your life can be humiliating, daunting. and a blow to your heart.

The epistemology of rejection, is derivative from the Latin word: reiectionem which means, “the act of throwing back”.  We are throwing away something we deem is not good. The unfortunate part is everyone on this earth will feel the brute force of rejection. It will surface in many different forms throughout your life.

I am in love with this new website called: Love Work Now. And on this website they have a blog post discussing Jia Jiang journey of rejection. So, with all this rejection is there any hope for a balance between rejection and your life. Well Jia Jiang has an interesting take on this. He sees rejection from a different angle, saying (and I am paraphrasing) that;  President Barack Obama was rejected 60,000+million times by voters, however he still won the presidential election.

Although President Barack Obama was rejected countless times, he still ended up winning. So, setting your political affiliation aside, rejection could be concurred by a shift in perspective. Jia Jiang also discusses a successful entrepreneurial state of mind which is in essences someone who only looks for the solution to a problem, not dwelling in the problem itself.

So how are you dealing with rejection? Do you accept it for what it is? Do you ball it up inside? Do you hate it or love it? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you deal with rejection in the comments below.

Also check out Jia Jiang Ted Talk on: Surprising Lessons on 100 Days of Rejection.




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