My experience with Dr.Wayne Dyer…..

Hello Good Morning:

So, I wanted to share with you an exciting experience I had over the weekend. June 23rd 2013, about 1:30pm Wayne Dyer touched down in Halifax Nova Scotia. However, that was not the start of this journey.

My father has been in and out of foster-care for all his childhood and a good portion of his adolescences. Imagine growing up in a world where your parents gave you up and then imagine all the barriers and heartache that Black child would face. Long story short- in his early twenties he met my mother they had me and later my sister.

Throughout his adult-life he read, and listened to audio recordings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. And skipping forward to the conference on June 23rd 2013 I can understand why this man was such an influential force in my father’s life. Hearing Wayne speak about his past, about being an orphan and his relationship with his parents, I can see why my father’s connection to Wayne Dyer rang so deep, it was because their spirit was so similar.

It was a great moment to see my father witness the spirit that helped him through those similar experiences they both had, the pains of the past and joys of children and family; it was a miraculous moment to watch. It was that inner peace that so many search for, and I witnessed it firsthand. My father and I laughed, we teared up, we were inspired at this conference. By far one of the most memorial father-daughter moments of my life.

Having to see my father meet his biggest influence–is the best gift I could ever receive and give. I won’t show pictures of the event, because it is just something you have to experience first hand. It was a moment for centuries, and grandchildren’s grandchildren will pass on. And a moment I thought was worth sharing with you.

In the end, I took a video of my father shaking the hand of the same spirit that helped him through 10 years of his life. I am grateful to have witnessed it. The moment when they met my father handed Wayne his business card which had a note on the back. I never asked my father what it said but I am sure whatever it was it will be well received.

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NOTE: Here is a link to my father’s blog, he is a brilliant writer.

Much love

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