Power of Words

Hello Gorgeous 

So, sometimes I feel like I am never getting ahead. Yes, we are all human therefore we experience human experiences which also includes some shitty days. And sometimes it is easier to wallow in that negativity than to release it. We get caught up in our egos and feel sorry for ourselves.

I am here to tell you it is okay to feel this way, however here is a neat way to get you out of that funk. Something I use to help me in those crappy times.

When you set a goal the choice of words is important. Ensure that you are talking and writing as if they already exist. Below is a list of over 100 words as you look over the list pay close attention to how you feel. Imagine having that word in your life as a reality. What does it look like? Where are you at? What are you doing? Which words do you get more excited about than others?

When you have narrowed down at least 5 key words, use those words as your foundation use them in your everyday life, use them in your affirmations and your goals. This will help you realign yourself back to what it is you are trying to achieve. This is helpful especially during those crappy times. Below are a list of words you can choose from:

The Power of Positive Words
Absolutely, Abundant, Accept, Acclaimed, Accomplishment  Achievement, Action, Active, Admiration,Alive, Affirm, Beaming, Brilliant, Bright, Bliss Beautiful, Bountiful, Blessed, Believe, Brave, Bubbly, Calm, Caring, Celebrate, Cheer, Charming, Clarity  Cherish, Companionship, Complete, Confident, Comradeship, Connect, Create, Cute, Cuddle, Conviction, Courageous, Divine, Discover, Delight, Distinguished, Earnest, Ecstasy, Effortless, Embrace, Elegance, Energized, Electrifying, Effervescent, Enthusiastic  Enjoy, Essence, Esteem, Excited, Exhilarating, Expand, Explore, Express, Exquisite  Exultant, Faith, Flourish, Fortunate, Freedom, Fresh, Friendship, Fun, Generous, Heavenly, Helpful, Healed, Grow, Harmony Hearty, Honest, Holy, Honor, Imaginative, Innovative, Inspire, Ingenious, Instantaneous, Intuitive  Instinct, Intellectual, Intelligence, Inventive, Joy, Jubilation, Jovial, Kind, Kiss, Laugh, Leader, Learn, Legendary, Love, Lively, Light, Love, Lucidity, Lucrative, Luminous, Marvelous, Meaningful, Meditate, Metamorphosis, Miracle, Motivate, Nourish, Nature, Nurture, One, Open, open-handed,Optimistic, Paradise, Peace, Plentiful, Pleasure, Plenteous, Plentiful, Plethora, Positive, Powerful, Prosperous, Relax, Rejoice, Renew, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Refinement, Replenish, Remarkable, Renowned, Respect, Revere, Revolutionize, Rewarding, Robust, Rich, Serenity, Shift, Silence, Smart, Spirit, Sparkling, Smooth, Smile, Soul, Splendid, Sill, Spontaneous, Strong, Success, Support, Sunny, Surprise, Thankful, Thrive, Therapeutic, Thrilled, Together, Tranquil, Trust, Triumph, Truth, Unity, Upbeat, Value, Venture, Victory, Vibrant, Vigorous, Vision, Visualize, Vital, Vivacious, 

Try it, Live it, Love it!

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