Hey Mahogany ! This is going to one of your most positive weeks ever. I have a special something for you. Each day this week you will receive a positive affirmation, which is a happy reminder for you to continue with your goals and your journey. I am a big believer in helping you achieve the best life you can for yourself. So here is how you receive your positive affirmations, you LIKE my facebook page here or my twitter page here. Each page will give you an affirmation in the morning, afternoon and evening. Affirmations are what I live by and what helped me achieve the things I want in life. So this is my beautiful gift to you all this week. Some positive reinforcements to help you through those tough times and celebrate and be joyful in those happy times.

Here is an example of what these beautiful affirmations will look like:


Mahogany, get ready to be thrown positive bombs all week and check out my website and pass on the good word to your fellow tribe of women.

Don’t forget to register for the Kick Starter Class:

SHARE THIS LINK with your lovely circle of beauties! More women need to be empowered to follow their bliss. 

“If you haven’t forgiven yourself , how can you forgive others?”


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