In Canada, today is a holiday so I am off at one of many BBQ’s this weekend which is always delicious! I have some amazing news to tell you I have finally launched my website. 


I am super excited, and thanks to your support and love it magically manifested on its own. I know with time, I will tweak it but I feel like this is where I would like to begin.

So check it out: www.mahoganyokeiffe.com

Let me know what you think.

Also, on another note I am launching another course, online! I am super excited about it and have been working on the material for months. It definitely was a labour of love and a natural transformation. I did not want anything to be forced, I wanted to naturally evolve which it so did.

” When you let go, life begins to do its magic”. -Mahogany O’keiffe

So in saying that, I encourage you to be apart of this online course called: Kick Start Your Life In One Week. Where woman will gather together online and go through a life changing transformation.

For more information about it:  CLICK HERE

Feel free to let your friends know about the event as well. The more woman the more stories to share and listen to.

It starts June 30th and ends July 6th 2013. Again register today: CLICK HERE.

Pricing is super affordable  and if you value your life and want to start putting yourself first for a change or if you need a refresher on living a more positive life, NOW is the time to do it. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me. As always wishing you a blessed, fun filled week!

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