Happy Mothers, Miracles Days!!!


Happy Mothers, Miracles Day. I will explain the Miracles comment in a second. Before that, be thankful, for  mom’s are the gatekeepers to life. Give thanks to all mothers today, I Mahogany O’keiffe Salute all mothers for their fearless, courageous efforts everyday. 

On another note, I just returned from an amazing week of relaxation. 

It gave me time to reflect and return to that positive/miracle mindset. I had time to reflect on what it is I am attracting into my life and the types of people I want to be around. I had the time to dive into, ” The Law of Divine Compensation” by author Marianne Williamson. The book focuses on relationships with work, money and miracles.

In light of this book, I have dedicated a week of facebook and twitter quotes which all come from the book. Please check out the daily quotes starting today!

I would encourage you to read the book.  It really inspired me.

“Every loving thing that ever happened to you was real, and everything else was an illusion”.

This was one of my favourite quotes and it was so very powerful. We are all masses of love, the divine itself created this world and its creatures with love and to live love, anything else is a manifestation of the human ego. Meaning everything else is the reality that society created not the reality the divine creator created. Deep! I know! But the book really lays it out.  

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