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Today, I want to have a discussion around branding words. No,  it’s not only for a business. When you are setting your goals, you are putting your intention out into the universe. In saying that:

Is what you put out there matching what you want to achieve?

THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND.…because this is powerful. What you put out into the universe is what you will get. For instance, if you say: “I have no money”. The universe says: “I guess this person doesn’t want money, so I will continue not giving any money”.

Now on the flip side of that, if you were to say: “I accept and I am grateful for the abundance of money in my life” The universe replies: ” I guess this person wants more good and more money in their life”.

It goes back to that simple phrase: “Ask and you shall receive”. Well nothing is more truer and real than that. Branding words can ensure that what you put out there directly effects what it is you want.

SO…..What are Branding Words…

What do I mean by, branding words? Your brand or branding words describe you and what you want to portray to your audience. Your brands words are key as everything you put out there about yourself/or your business will relate to those words. So, you are probably wondering, great so how do I do this? Well, I will tell you….


Make a list of 3 words that best describes who you are? Yes, it is that simple. Take it a step further and ask some of your close friends the same question.



You are probably wondering, well, how does this help me with my goals/or business? Well, glad you asked. This directly reflects the image you want to show to the public. This exercise helps to realign you with the goals you are setting and wanting to achieve.People like relating and finding the ‘common connection’, or what I like to call the ‘human connection’. Branding words gives you that human connection.Branding words are a great reflection tool, it puts things back into perspective. Take some time to make a list and then narrow that list down to three words. Those are your Branding Words! Try it!

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“If you haven’t forgiven yourself , how can you forgive others?”

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