Ladies Do you want more Happiness!

Pretty Happy

Hello Gorgeous

DO YOU WANT MORE HAPPINESS? Do you want to manifest great things, situations, and people into your life? 

Happiness is an emotion, and since emotions are so fluid we cannot sustain that for long periods of time. We need to create a foundation or protective barrier that helps you during those difficult times.

In saying that if you are constantly saying “I wish I could be more happy” or ” I am never going to be happy”. You will produce more of what you do not want into your life.

Remember: Anything that comes after “I AM” wields itself into your life.

Here is something I often use to build  that foundation or protective barrier. This is helpful when I am down, or in a constant downward spiral of negativity. I go to work, meaning I am of service for those who may need help. I ask what I can do for others. When I help others, immediately my mood shifts and I start to focus on the goodness life has to offer.

Helping others is a great way to nurture that happy mindset.

Another foundational practice is to switch that “I am never going to be happy” into ” I am learning how to become more happy”. When you find yourself dwelling in a negativity, try flipping it into something  more positive.

You are probably thinking, “great techniques to build the foundation, but I am so busy with work, school, family, friends etc”.I understand that completely. So in saying that, here are two tips if done, will help you build that foundation:

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“change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

xo Mahogany

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