Top 10 Limiting Beliefs Women Have…



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The day I broke up with normal, happened when I was a young girl. I had a strong sense of purpose which mostly stems from understanding that I had the power to change my perspective on anything and today I want to help you break into your true self. 

How do you release the limiting beliefs that rattle around in our heads. In lieu of International Women’s Day last week, I would love to discuss some limiting beliefs that we often hold onto as women. 

In my life I have encountered many limiting beliefs but here are my top 10 Limiting Beliefs that we as women often face and  ways to concur them:

1.   Limiting belief that you will fail. Yes, you will fail in life we need to get over that fact. What should be more of a concern is how are going to move forward with what you now know. Failing, is another way life teaches us about life.

2.   Limiting belief that we are the dreams of our past. If we change, shouldn’t our dreams? Sometimes even family and friends sometimes get caught up on our past dreams but it is okay to create a new future for yourself.

3.   Limiting belief that creativity only comes to artists. We are all born therefore we are different. Even a maternal twin has different characteristics. Leave behind the belief that we must be artists to be creative the mere fact that we are born is a creative act, so it is within us to be so.

4.   Limiting belief of poor me. No one likes someone who always complains about their life or how unhappy everything is. If your life isn’t going down the path you want, then you and only you can change that. In saying that, start using positive language when talking about your life.

5.   Limiting belief that everyone needs to like us. If everyone likes you,you are living your life for someone other than yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to be rude to people, but it does mean you need to dig deeper and figure out why you feel the need to please.

Now if you want all 10 Limiting Beliefs sign up below:

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