What a guy wants!

Hello Gorgeous

Now I understand this is Valentines Day, one of the LOVE holidays that you don’t actually get off work but we celebrate it willingly anyways.

So here is the dirty low down on finding the man/or woman of your dreams. It is not ‘What the guy wants’ it’s what you are attracting in your life.


So, think about that for a second, what kinds of relationships are you attracting into your life are they kind, generous, sweet, fierce  passionate, confusing. What does your body language tell you about how you are feeling? Are you sitting up right, chested puffed up when that person is around or are you slouched and hunched over whenever that person enters a room?


So, whatever you are feeling is the type of person you will attract. If you are a go-getter, upbeat and mostly positive about life, you may attract someone who is adventurous understanding and passionate. If you are constantly whining about your life and what you do not have, you may attract negative relationships that usually are made up of anger and frustration.

NOW, don’t get me wrong there are ups and downs in every relationship. But you have a choice of the kinds of people you want to surround yourself with.  So, in saying that here are a few tips I would encourage YOU to explore before that ‘guy’ or ‘girl’ enters into your life:

1. Build your self-confident

2. Set goals for yourself, long-term/short term

3. Have interests and hobbies, go out and do stuff

4. Be of Service to others

5. Love with all your heart to the tips of your toes to the mountain tops.

6. Take a risk, be daring do something miraculous

7. Be kinder to others than you actually feel

8. Be healthy and exercise

9. Fail and Fail again

10. Be present and in the moment as much as you can

Now I know this may not be the answers you were looking for but honestly, you must be at peace with who you are to attract the kind a people you want into your life. Now some might say, ‘well I want negative people in my life’, well great! Although, harboring those kinds of feelings for years at-a-time can weigh on you mentally and physically, so I wouldn’t suggest doing that.

All in all, ‘what a guy wants’ doesn’t really matter if you do not have a clear picture of what you want out of life.

So Happy Valentines/ Galentines Day to you all!




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