When Life Throws You Lemons, Make A Green Drink

When life throws you lemons, make a green smoothie.

There are loads more nutrients and vitamins in a Green smoothie, that’s for sure. But in all serious when unexpected situations occur in your life that throw you right off track; sometimes our initial reaction is to react. Then emotions start running through your entire body and you aren’t sure if you are here or somewhere else. You start contemplating  and plotting a  plan of action ( not necessarily, with the best intentions). You conjure up all these scenarios in your head, your mind begins to choke, your insides are wilting and you begin to sob violently for hours.

There is a point to this story, bear with me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sucky feelings, that’s life! And sometimes it is a major wake up call, or possibly a calling for an opportunity that may present itself. It is absolutely imperative that you listen closely to this feeling, as it is trying to tell you something. The best way to listen to this calling is through: meditation.

“Prayer is when we speak to God, Meditation is when God speaks directly to us”

Meditation is the key to calmness, it levels with you. Coming down from that visceral feeling is a process, and mediation can help ease that uneasiness. So remember when life throws you lemons, make a green smoothie and close your eyes and breathe.






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