Help support Crazy Fun Sexy Guide For Women

Hey My Beauties!

I am looking for unique ways to fundraise, I want to expand my brand a little more and I need your help in doing that.

I am now LIVE, on indiegogo, which is a site where anyone can help support projects, adventures, people’s retirement and so on.

It is a new way to learn about interesting projects and help support projects you may otherwise not be able to. So in saying that click the BIG

picture below, share it, like it, if you believe in what I am offering (me being me) please send the love along.




Thanks in advance! Also there are some great perks, if you donate!!! Always got-to-have my perks.

The Perks

  • $10 Spread the love:  I will say a huge shout  on my facebook and my blog universe
  • $25 Spread more love:  I will send you my favourite quote via email
  • $500 Following your Bliss: You will have a chance to plug your business on my social media sites.
  • $1000 Positive Vibes: You will receive video blog shout out!
  • $3000 Miracles Do Happen: I will give you a free skype call, for you and a friend.

My Goal

Develop a brand which includes: website/marketing/promotion:$2000

Computer: I am borrowing a computer at the moment we gave our computer to a relative who needed it: $800

Materials: paper/pens/ink: $500

The Impact

You are making a difference for many women who will have the chance to live out their dreams. You will give me the ability to reach more people. Teach them hands-on-activities, a unique way for people to learn and feel they a creating change. Completely different from many other self-help people. I tap into your inner truth identify who you are and start building from the ground up.

Other Ways you can Help

Hey, I am extremely grateful that you took the time to read my life’s passion. There are other ways you can contribute:

Want to make some noise

Share these links below with people who want to help others follow their Bliss…



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