Video Blog: Real Relationships Part III

Hello My Beauties!

Today I decided, unlike any other day, to provide you with the third and final chapter of Real Relationships. I feel a third completes the saga but more importantly I believe it is fitting to this entire topic of relationships. This not only gives you insight on what is needed to have and build a healthy positive relationship but also how to do it. Simple as cake, or pie whatever you prefer really *giggles*. Raise your hand, if you are fed up with these relationship gurus who say that they have the magic stick to ward off all negativity in relationships. Such a lie because if that is what you are looking from me well  you’ve come to the wrong site. This well be blunt and cruel and evil *mwhaha*. No, not really, but I am honest and sometimes that can be scary. But fear not, as this last bit of tips should steer you in the right direction. It will bring clarity to those confusing, frustrating times with your partner. Those times where your screaming and he’s nodding his head (isn’t the that the worst)! But in all seriousness, this is a heart-felt post on how to really have positive relationships (guy and girl, girl and girl, guy and guy etc…I do not discriminate, I love to love)

Also, if you have some amazing tips you would like to share please feel free to comment, if you have an entire story or experience that you think others will benefit please visit my SHARE STORIES page where you can send me your brilliant piece and I will share it with the world. Who’d think that your experience can be a game changer in some elses life. 2013 is all about that, be the change.

Looking forward to hearing from you all, in the mean time check out Real Relationships Part III, sit back with a nice warm cup of tea and be amazed! (gosh, I make myself laugh sometimes, but it is always good to giggle).



xo (this always reminds me of gossip girl)



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