Leading Ladies Night Out…

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Register for the FREE Together We Rise Class


Hello Beauties:

I must tell you, I had a lovely evening with some amazing, talented, beautiful women. The event was called: Leading Ladies Holiday Glamour Party, hosted by Parlour Room Events check them out. There was a buzz last night, could have been the cocktails, or the conversations or a perfect blend of the two. But amongst all the chatter, glitz and glam,  sparked engaging enthusiastic conversations and topics. I guess when women like that gather, something in the universe shifts, than great conversations happen, meeting new people happen and so on. The environmental was welcoming we all delicately spread around the exquisite, Press Gang Restaurant (p.s. cute quaint little spot, if you ever are in Halifax check them out). The women gathered in small semi-circles you could hear the sweet murmurs of authentic networking happening. My friend Soraya and I were new to this, so began our adventure.

First off, it was meant to be, we meet Katelyn and Erica who were a dynamic friend-duo, they were a bursting  ball of energy making us feel at ease. Katelyn and I connected quickly over our admiration for Marie Forleo, but honestly who couldn’t resist having a conversation about that amazing women. Erica, was full of life and bubbly laughter, she spoke about the ‘secret’ of networking. She said, and I paraphrase,  seek out the person who’s  hanging by the wall, the lone wolf and start-up a grand-old conversation with them. It’ll ease the tension of that often dreaded thing we do called ‘networking’.

Continuing our journey, Soraya and I headed to our next semi-circle of women, we tried the lone-wolf strategy, fortunately we did not need to at this event everyone was so engaged and welcoming we looked to another group: Heidi and Cherie, another dynamic friend-duo. An interesting topic arose around women and the size of their clothing. Today and every few years, generations of young women develop new innovative trends, it seems our young women feel confident to wear tight, short, and thin clothing. I was asked what I thought, and I answered honestly, I said, if you are confident in your skin, wear what makes you feel good. However do not be surprised as a certain kind of clothing can and will attract a certain kind of opinion, audience, people and so on.  I have a huge rack (huge knockers, boobs, breasts however you would like to call it), but I feel comfortable and sexy wearing low-cut tops, some people may have an opinion about it but I feel great and that’s what matters.

Remember Beauties:

Surround yourself with people who are different from you, that will lift you higher, that you can learn and grow from. Also do what makes you feel good in life ( as long as it does not negatively affect or hurt others, as Nike says, JUST DO IT)


Now if you have this urgency to do something great but do not know where to start, or you have dreams you want but are stuck…..

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It is a place where women will gather, support one another in achieving their dreams and ultimately follow their bliss.

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2 thoughts on “Leading Ladies Night Out…

  1. Mahogany! I loved reading your blog and was so happy to see how much you got out of the Leading Ladies Martini Mixer last night with your lovely friend Soraya! Looking forward to seeing your dynamic friend duo at future events. Keep up the fabulous work of observing, loving and learning! Bests, Menna xo

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