Do you know how to follow your bliss?

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Register for the FREE Together We Rise Class


Question, Do you know how follow your bliss? You are probably wondering well, this blog is about just that, but how do I accomplish things I set out for. Well I am here to guide you. You are also probably wondering what credentials do I have to say such things, well I have the human credential and I have the me one too. Which means I am like you and have unique gifts (which we all have) that can help you in following your bliss. Or read my About me page.

Be Who You Are

If you haven’t got a pen and paper yet please do so before you continue on, so you can write these questions down.

1. What do you like to do? This could be playing guitar, teaching karate classes, eating, traveling, helping others. Fill your paper with as many things as you can think of.

2. How do these things make you feel? We want to be in line with a positive mindset, so all feelings should to relate to that.

Now the point of doing this exercise  is to  find what you are passionate about, this is how we narrow down and select our goals.


To be passionate about something you have to feel free doing it


Ever been in a job you like after 6 months or a year, you lose interest, you lose passion. It is because we do not feel we have the freedom to be ourselves.

So, question one and two them become:

1. My goal is___________. (everyone’s likes are different, therefore our goals will be to)

2. I feel_____________________ when acting on this goal. (the  feeling is the reasoning behind the goal, which will keep you motivated)

This is a key step in figuring out what it is you want out of life. For a more in-dept look into the idea of crafting your passions and achieving your goals please check out my classes.

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I have accomplished many goals, school, music, art, it always came down to one thing when achieving them: love. I absolutely put my all in the goals I was passionate about because I loved what I was doing. My goals made me feel good.

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Be Who You Are


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