Who Am I

aboutmeI should start and say, thank you for landing on my site. It is truly meant to be and I am grateful that you are here.

But I should tell you my story, my intention for Crazy Sexy Fun Guide For Women and these amazing classes is to help women succeed in life. I am a coach, a lover of positivity and want to help women achieve their dreams.

How did I get to this point? Well I was at a turning point in my life where I needed to make a positive shift. I realized I needed to focus and be clear on the path I wanted to take. I narrowed my focus down to helping people and creativity. I created the blog, Crazy Fun Sexy guide For Women which is a tool to spread positivity. Now I have an award nominated blog and an amazing community of people. Secondly, I created classes where I coach women on living a positive life and support them on following their bliss. I love helping out  women, I believe if we stick together we can accomplish and concur anything. I love my womanliness!

It has been my experience that people truly benefit from seeing and doing rather than just reading.

So, I have developed these unique engaging classes for women. I offer one-on-one and group  sessions, online and in person. These classes really stretch and challenge you.

Well what are my credentials?  I have several years experience in the art industry which includes: acting, poetry, drawing and much more. I have many years experience understanding behaviors, company dynamics, strategic directions and idea generation sessions. I have a degree in Sociology and I am completing my Masters in Education. I have a huge amount of experience, on boards, meetings, conferences, events, summits, workshops and presentations. That’s a mouthful!

​But in all seriousness…..

I am offering you an amazing way to truly be your dream. With my creative spirit and giving soul I will help you change your life.

xo Mahogany


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