Inspirational Speech…

Hello My Beauties:


I thought I would update you if you are wondering where I have been, I am writing my thesis for my Masters of Education degree. Today, I am in class (actually right now) and I have developed my research topic, which is:

How does the Eurocentric education system create over-achievers/under-achievers in African Nova Scotian learners?

Sub-topic: Would an Afrocentric “philosophy” create balanced African Nova Scotian learner?

The inspiration for this topic came specifically from this video + a rich discussion in class, click the picture below to view the video.
UntitledPlease feel free to comment below. I am working my little tail off, cannot wait for the holidays.

Spread love + Get Inspired…..




2 thoughts on “Inspirational Speech…

    • Aww thanks Ute, I remember reading this response + I thought I replied (lol) my mind is elsewhere lately. However, thank you thank you. And many blessings to you this holiday season.

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