Halifax Startup Conference Overview

Startup Overview

Startup Blueprints  press conference was hosted in Halifax on November 27th 2012. This was one of the six events happening across Canada, in places like-Montreal,Ottawa,Toronto,Edmonton to name a few. There were three key initiatives highlighted at the event that will be financed through sponsorship dollars and a crowd funding campaigns: Startup Canada Connect, Startup Canada Communities and Startup Canada Campaign, below are outlines of these initiatives:

Startup Canada Connect: Is a social online meeting place for Canadian entrepreneurs to connect with support, share resources,opportunities, associations, communities, events, mentors and much more. Startup Canada Connect will be free, dynamic  comprehensive, personalized, underpinned by living Startup Communities on the ground and built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Startup Canada Communities: It will be led by local community champions, to form the foundation of an intensely connected and collaborative social network. Entrepreneurs will be able to plug into the network and access local events, mentors and support in their community to accelerate their growth.

Startup Canada Campaign: It will lever mainstream media, social media and key national institutions to celebrate and tell the stories of Canadian entrepreneurs, providing authentic case studies to inspire and motivate new generations of startups.

The inspiring speakers of the day were: Brian Watson representing Economic Rural Development and Tourism for Nova Scotia, Michael Wyse CEO of Black Business Initiative, Tracy Boyer, co-founder of the Hub Halifax, Sarah Craig who is the founder of I Heart Bikes, Ferdinand Ballestros, co-founder of the Ikebana Shop and Sean Williams of Sean Williams Marketing. All had positive things to say about the rich booming entrepreneurial culture in Halifax. After the conference, when everyone broke-out into lively small discussions, the murmurs of people were that of, “inspiration”, “hopefulness”, and “enthusiasm” about being an entrepreneur. Someone even said they were, “pumped” about starting their business just because of the conference. It was a warm and welcoming environment, this gave Canada a snapshot into the vibrate Halifax entrepreneurial community. As a budding entrepreneur myself I relish in these events and I am ever grateful for organizations that support us. All in all, a great event!!!

Here are some pictures from the event:




Big thanks to the following organizations:


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