Thank you, Thank you

Hello my Beauties:

Today I sing your praise!! Thank You!!

I am so honored and thankful for being nominated for the Beautiful Blog Award from uberdish and the Inspiring Blogger Award from 1901skinnylove. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this award and I will continue spreading positivity. All that being said please read below for other blogs I have nominated for these awards who are just as beautiful and inspiring and have a look at what they are doing.


Here are some things about me:

1. I love reading anything to do with angels, sci-fi, vampires

2. I love to blog

3. I believe in the goodness of “green drink”, ask me I’ll tell you my fav recipe 🙂

4. I am an Aries, very passionate person, want others to do well

5. I recently got married!

6. I love the color purple

7. My family means everything to me

I am nominating you for 2 awards the Beautiful Blog Award and Inspiring Blog ( I am nominating you for both as I believe one cannot not be true without the other, in my opinion) Also some of you might already be nominated but I truly want you to know that you inspire me!


1. Ute


3. GYA

4. Wholeness 4 Love

5. Living Success 3D

6. Your Beautiful Day

7. The Truth Warrior

8. Make Life Nice

9. Dairy of a House Elf

10. To Be Aware

11. Add Some Sugar

12. Word Hugs

13. Positive Mind of Mine

14. Letters for Michael

15. Canadian Hiking Photography 



17 thoughts on “Thank you, Thank you

  1. Hey Mahogany, you are so sweet to nominate me for these two awards. I do so appreciate it. I think your blog is also awesome. I replied to you from the notification that I received. I am a somewhat new blogger. I’m older and I am still learning stuff about blogging. Are these 2 award just pictures that I can copy and paste into my blog post or are they badges that I have post on my main page. I am going to get help from one of more savvy younger friends at work tomorrow (Tuesday 11/27), she knows way more than I do. You are awesome Mahogany! Thanks again!

    Blessings to you!

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  4. Oh Mahogany, thank you so very much that you thought of me, I have not got these yet, and I am very proud to be nominated by you. I would like to give you a big thank you hug! Love your blog and quotes and happiness you beam across to us. You made my Sunday beautiful!
    Any chance of getting a green juice recipe? I would love to try one, an easy one…as I heard tso much about it and it’s health benefits. Ute x

    • Hey Ute! My are an inspiring women, so thank you for that..
      Green Drink Recipe 101,lol:
      1. Kale/Spinach
      2. Peanut Butter
      3. Coconut Milk-Sweetened if you can
      4. Banana-Half
      5. Honey
      Put everything in, based on how much you wan, and whether you like it really sweet or not. Blend until everything is smooth and green and yummy. And drink, so yummy. I actually just finished drinking that one!!
      All the best Ute!!
      ps. Kale has amazing benefits for health and so does spinach, I have extremely low iron and wanted something to boost that up without taking pills–I have loads of energy now!! 🙂

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