The Girl And The Box…..


There is a box in this art room, the art teacher does not give any direction to the students, so this girl approaches the box, there is a hole in it, she throws the box away

The next day the same girl comes back into the art room, the same box is there, with the hole in it, the girl seals the hole with masking tape

On the third day, the box with the masking tape over the hole is still in the art room, the same girl cannot understand why this box still appears. The girl thinks the art teacher is testing her, so she thinks outside the box and creates a brand new box.

On the forth day, the girl walks in hoping that the box would be gone and they can start learning about art. She sees all three imitations of the boxes, the one with the hole, the masking tape and the new box. Now she is a little irritated, she chucks all of the boxes in the trash approaches the art teacher and asks what do you want me to do with the box? The art teacher replies, “what do you think I want you to do”? This infuriates her more, she reluctantly goes back to her desk and starts crafting and cutting out pieces of cardboard. When she completes it she hands it to her teacher and says,” I give up, here a triangle”, the art teacher replies and says, “job well done, you’ve completed the task”


Sometimes we are like the girl, we get stuck in what society says is right, without thinking we all have different solutions. The art teacher challenged the girl to think beyond what we are normally taught to think and to think for ourselves. This all goes back to my blog the other day about creativity. We all are creative beings, sometimes it takes a little pressure for it to surface but it is always there. Next time you are faced with a challenge, think of the girl and the box.


Remember everything created was once imagined. Imagination is the key to success….be brave and create triangles




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