5th November 2012 Daily Affirmation ♥

So true.!!!

Because Every Day is Beautiful

A few months ago someone asked me why I’m always so hard at work when I’m not sure if something is going to work out. My answer was simple. I see with my spirit. Answers like that often make people look at you sideways, but I’ve learned not to be moved by anyone’s opinion or by what things look like and rather focus on what things are like.

Last December I start understanding what it really meant to know that God has already all things and we are moving into what he has completed. We are the finished work of Christ, it is done. That usually gives me goosebumps because I realize that I have been given a huge choice here; one to receive or to decline. It’s that simple, and it changes everything. Once you are able to see the complete work of Christ in you. You see the…

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