Quote Comment of the Day

A friend of mind asked me: “I am unsure about this job I applied for, I have an interview should I go?”

This was my gut honest reply:

“I think you should follow your first instinct, what made you want to apply? There must be something positive about this position. Your Ego, the negative side, will always want to push you away from doing the things you already can do. FUNNY, SIMPLE I know. But it is truly always the way go back to the basics: why did I apply from the beginning, focus on the skills you will bring to that position. Affirm to yourself: ” I AM DESERVING OF THIS JOB, I AM SKILLFUL, I AM KNOWLEDGEABLE, I AM PERFECT FOR THIS POSITION. Say that out loud, make it real, because it is. You are perfect, you are skillful and you are knowledgeable, you have skills that other people would die to have.”

– Crazy, Fun, Sexy Guide For Women


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